NOx Control Systems

LoTOx™ Technology and SCR Systems

This low temperature oxidation technology (the LoTOx™ Technology) is available from BELCO® under license from BOC. This technology has strong synergy with EDV® scrubbing for refinery applications such as FCCU, fluid cokers, heaters and boilers.

NOx Control Systems

The LoTOx™ Technology has been very successfully applied to various gas streams including refinery Fluid Cat Cracking Units (FCCU). This sturdy technology does not require any gas flow obstruction (cannot plug during heavy dust load) and can be operated continuously for long operating campaigns. These features make it a perfect technology for FCCU applications. By combining this technology with BELCO’s EDV® Wet Scrubbing System, the operator can reduce particulates, SOx and NOx all in a single vessel. No additional system to operate and maintain. An open channel is maintained for the gas, and the plot space required is low and flexible.

The LoTOx™ Process Advantage

  • No bypass required
  • Very high reduction of NOx, SOx and particulate all in one vessel
  • Able to achieve the most stringent reduction requirements
  • Highly reliable multi-year continuous operation
  • No in-line constrictions or catalyst modules
  • Open vessel design for trouble free operation
  • No potential for plugging
  • Automatic control of outlet NOx level by selecting a desired NOx outlet valve
  • Not effected by temperature variations (high or low)
  • Maintains constant NOx outlet level even through NOx fluctuation’s at inlet
  • No ammonia slip concerns
  • Not subject to poisoning or sintering of catalyst surface due to temperature excursions
  • No concerns of SOx oxidation

BELCO® offers an array of solution for the reduction of NOx emissions. BELCO® realizes that each plant has its own particular requirements which in most cases make a generic solution not well suited. Therefore, BELCO® has the ability to offer both an SCR system and the LoTOx™ Technology thus selecting the DeNOx systems to perfectly fit your specific application.